If you have not yet thought of adding this very nutritious yummy meal that your baby would absolutely love to your menu, sit back and read on to see the benefits and the steps to prepare this yum yum meal for your cutie(s).

Sweet potatoes is highly rich in beta carotene, which converts to vitamin A when consumed . It is also high in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Steps to prepare sweet potatoes for babies;

Peel the sweet potatoes to remove the skin, wash and cut into cubes and put in a pot. Add water the level of the potatoes and boil until it is soft (usually takes 7-10 minutes). When soft, scoop the sweet potatoes into a food processor and add water( you can add the water left after boiling the sweet potatoes). Blend until you achieve a very smooth consistency. You can serve it to your baby alone. You may also decide to add formula to it.

Your baby will absolutely love this! Mine does!



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