“Stop Opening Bottles With Your Teeth, It’s Harmful” – Jonify

When people open bottles with their teeth, I feel sorry for them because they are doing it out of ignorance. Majority of the people that do that don’t visit dentist as a routine, and do not know the gravity of harm they have accumulated on their teeth.

  • Opening bottles with your teeth can crack on your teeth,
  • it can get the cusps of your teeth fractured,
  • it can cause (serious) tooth breaks,
  • it can split your tooth, and
  • it can get your tooth(s) dislodged too.

So, expose your teeth to such risk and serious damages when you can always get a bottle opener?

Why would put yourself in serious pain(s) when you can go for a canned drink instead?

Plastic drinks are all over Nigeria this days, so why will you insist on taking that risk?

Plastic and Canned drinks are more convenient, and environmental friendly; they are more portable, and easier to transport than there bottled counterparts too, so let us all learn how to use them.

Source: Jonify (dorotv.com)


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