5 Steps To Boost Your Monday

Monday is the first working day of the week and the approach you give to ‘Monday’ really determines how the other days of the week will look like….therefore here is a list of 6 easy steps to make your Monday as awesome as it could be…….

1. WAKE EARLY [Set your alarm to 05:00 am] :

Waking early on monday’s have proved to make the week productive because you will take your time to relax your brain and nervous system, making all of them to be functioning like never before.

2. MEDITATION [Take at least 5 mins to think about the day] :

Meditation, although not usually practiced by Africans is hygienic, both to the physical structures of the body and the mental aspects. It helps in enhancing the relaxation of the brain, co-ordination of the human body and understanding the motive of being present in this life to witness the monday you have not seen before.

3. HEALTH [Exercise, hygiene, eat] :

It will enhance the flow of blood in your system, acquire energy for the day, and keep you fresh as you brush your teeth, take your bath and wear a clean cloth.

4. SMILE [Putting a smile on your face brings good fortune to your doorstep] :

A smile on a face eradicate worries from the brain, as you pu a smile on your face, you are letting your brain to understand that you are happy and that will help you to execute every activities for the day effectively.

5. GREETING [Make sure to greet anyone you see regardless of the age or class] :

Respect is needed in all aspect, as you greet others, you are shownig respect and at the same time securing the best fortune for yourself in the future.


Lifestabilizer is owned and managed by me! Adaora Nwobu. I am a wife and a mother of one cutie! I am a Nurse! It is a pleasure and great privilege to bring to you tips on HEALTH, FOOD AND FASHION.

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