Infection Control In Salon; You Could Visit Your Salon and Leave With More Than Just a New Hairdo

There’s increasing chance you could visit your salon and leave with more than just a new hairdo or manicure. You could walk away with a nasty infection, too. No matter how posh, classy or pricey a salon is, if it isn’t keeping up with health and safety standards, it can easily become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs.

Have we all forgotten about personal belongings and use of sharp objects? Even if we all could not afford tertiary education, at least Personal belongings have been a part of the nursery and primary school curriculum.

We tend to share the same nail cuticle, Needle, same towel, scissors, same razor blade and lots of them in the salons forgetting that the difference between some heamatogeous infections most times are a matter of 10 naira- 100 naira.

Ideally, each customer should get a new buffer and file. If that’s not the case, bring your own implements.

Before your manicure/pedicure begins, ask the technician if she’s washed her hands. If not, say “I need you to go wash your hands.”

Make sure the salon washes their robes and towels after every use. Many do not.

It’s important to make sure your stylist doesn’t have any sores or cuts on his/her hands.


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