How To Chose The Perfect Underwear For Every Occassion


Underwear sits against your skin all day long. It couldn’t get any closer. Therefore, it should feel comfortable. Choose features, benefits and design over color, brand and packaging. Just because it says “designer” doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for you.

Choose the right size. 

  • Avoid the temptation to go one size smaller because no one else is going to know or care what size underwear you wear. In fact, underwear that are too small will tend to make a person look heavier and will show through to your cloths and that really looks awful! (really awful)
  • Get a proper fitting bra.  Bras are especially important to get properly fitted because they will affect most everything you wear and they should not dig into your breast tissue, cause sagging, make your breast bulge over the top of the bra, fall out of your bra when you bend over, or sit crookedly. Have a fitting yearly by a sales person that has been trained to do a fitting correctly. Try on different tops made of different fabrics to make sure you like what you’re seeing in the mirror.
  • If the store allows you to try on underpants over your existing underpants, then do so. Do not take off your current underpants though (perish the thought)!
  • If the store won’t allow a fitting in-store for underpants, buy one pair of underpants, boxer shorts, briefs, etc., if you are not sure of your current size and you don’t know how they will feel when wearing. Given that many stores don’t allow exchanges on underwear for hygiene reasons (often regulated), don’t throw away your money on too many pairs that aren’t going to fit. Try the underpants on at home, then buy more of that size if they are comfortable and fit well. You can size up or down or try a different brand if needed. One style or brand does not fit all.
  • Look for quality fabrics.Feel the material for smoothness, softness and comfort. Run your fingers through the underwear. How does it feel to you?
    • If it feels too thin or too thick, keep looking. Thick fabrics can bunch up and look unsightly or feel scratchy.
    • Look for soft fabrics and check to see if the thread used on bras is scratchy on your back, as many of them are. Cotton is always a favorite because it breathes well and is very easy to care for.



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