How To Achieve Rapid Hair Growth With Onions

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Considering the price of Onions in the Nigerian Market these days, you might begin to wonder if one can really get enough to eat, talk more of using it on your hair. I strongly believe that no one wants to lose hair (Men included). Using Onion on your hair is a natural way to enhancing hair growth, achieving healthy hair and of course preventing infection of the hair root.  There have been many scientific studies performed on hair loss, hair growth, and the natural remedies that are beneficial to both. It has been shown in many various studies that onion juice and consuming onions is absolutely beneficial in preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. Onion juice has been said to prevent pre maturation of grey hair, and other hair problems such as dandruff, yeast infections, and fungal infections.

Onions is rich in sulphur, which helps to promote blood circulation. It also has antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the scalp. Preventing further growth of these infections will help to prevent any further hair loss. Onion also adds strength to the hair thus preventing breakage and thinning. 


How to Use

Use a juice extractor, grater or a blender to prepare the onions, the quantity depends on the size of your hair. Don’t let the strong smell scare you off, this method works, and works well. It’s got to stay on the scalp for at least thirty minutes after which you wash with shampoo. The treatment has to be done at least two times a week for a minimum of three months, after which you will see the result.

If for any reason, you are not comfortable with using the onion juice on your hair, simply eat more onions and add them to your diet. It doesn’t work quite well like the other method, but in time you will see how much it does help to keep your hair looking its best.


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