Hypertension, the Silent Killer

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Hypertension is a silent killer because; it does not sound alarm when it comes. Some persons are hypertensive without them knowing. It is very vital that one checks his or her blood pressure regularly.

Hypertension is a condition in which there is sustained increase in the arterial blood pressure above 140/90MmHg. You cannot conclude that you have hypertension on just one check. It is confirmed in adult when the average of 2 or more blood pressure measurement at different intervals reveals a reading above 140/90.

Note; you need to have known your baseline blood pressure reading, because the readings are highly individualized. If your baseline blood pressure reading has always been below 140/90mmHg and suddenly but persistently rises to 140/90., then you may be hypertensive. What is normal for Mr ‘A’ must not be normal for Mr ‘B’.

Classification and types of hypertension

Essential or primary hypertension; it accounts for 90-95% of all cases of hypertension. It occurs usually at the age of 30-50 years. The cause is unknown and it runs in the gene. There is no definite measure for preventing essential hypertension except lifestyle modification. Things that can trigger essential hypertension are;


Family history



Cigarette smoking

Excessive salt intake

Excessive alcohol intake

Non essential or secondary hypertension; it occurs in about 5-10% of all cases of hypertension. The causes are known and usually secondary to an existing disease. They include; kidney diseases, endocrine disorders, some medications, example oral contraceptive, pregnancy (gestational hypertension), coarctation of the aorta and so many other causes.

Hypertension is a chronic disease (it cannot be cured), if it is not managed properly, it can lead to blindness, cerebro-vascular accident (stroke), kidney failure and congestive cardiac failure (CCF).

Management of Hypertension

The dietary management of hypertension is called DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension). It is a very important aspect of hypertension management. The foods to avoid are;

Limit sodium intake (salt intake)

Any food high in cholesterol should be avoided

Avoid saturated fat

Lose weight if you are overweight

Avoid coffee

Avoid kola nut and tea

Avoid alcohol

Other managements are;



Regular check up

Proper use of the prescribed anti- hypertensive drug.



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