Shea butter’s (Okwuma/Uri) Relevance in Stretch Mark Removal

shea-butter-usesStretch marks (striae) are pink, red or purple indented streaks that often appear on the abdomen, breasts, upper arms, buttocks and thighs and eventually fade to white or gray. Stretch marks occur when the skin is subjected to a prolonged expansion beyond its normal capacity. Stretch marks are particularly common in pregnant women. Treatment can make stretch marks fade, but it won’t completely remove them .

Shea butter is perfect to be used to prevent stretch marks. It is used mainly in prevention, it cannot treat completely existing stretch marks. It is a remarkable exfoliant and has anti-inflammatory properties that will help you in preventing stretch marks. But if you have really bad genes and you are predisposed to having stretch marks, you will get some, but less if you use Shea butter. Buy the natural unrefined Shea butter and apply to the area after each bath. Remember; ” It will gradually fade, but not completely remove the already existing ones. It perfectly prevents the appearance of new ones”.                                                                                          stretch-marks1


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