How to Prepare Ogbono and Okra Soup With Eba (Garri)

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Your stomach is so important that it should not be left in the hands of a fellow human being (especially that of women). Why not grab your apron and cooking utensils. Follow the following steps and your stomach won’t remain the same again ~winks~


  • Okra
  • Ogbono
  • Vegetables (optional)
  • Meat/fish
  • Stockfish\mangala (dry cat fish)
  • Kpomo/canda
  • Salt to taste
  • Knorr seasoning cubes
  • Red oil
  • Fresh pepper
  • Water
  • Onions(optional)
  • Crayfish
  • Uziza seed (optional).



  • Boil the meat, stock fish, and kpomo with little salt and seasoning cubes. (Remember to wash them first)
  • Wash the mangala (dry cat fish) with hot water and salt, and then add to the boiling meat.
  • Add more clean water ( estimated amount that should be enough for the soup)
  • Add red oil and allow to simmer for five minutes
  • Add your ogbono ( ground) to the boiling water
  • Allow it to boil and attain desired texture
  • Add your ground pepper, crayfish, uziza (ground), and salt to taste.
  • Add your okra and ground onions and allow to cook
  • Add your vegetables 3 minutes to when the soup will be ready. ( do not overheat the vegetable to avoid losing its essential purpose)
  • Your ogbono/okra soup is ready

To make your Eba;

Boil water and make your Eba as usual.

Bon apetite!






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