How to Pre-select the Sex of your baby. (Sex Preselection)


Many Families without a boy are as happy as any other, or even happier…, however, in some countries most families without a boy are truly unhappy. This often causes a big problem in the family and can subsequently lead to divorce. Often, the relatives persistently make life hard for the couple, trying to persuade the husband to remarry. their suffering may be deep and prolonged, especially that of the wife who is sometimes made to feel guilty. This problem can easily be curbed with adequate knowledge on how to preselect the sex of your babies. Now, for you to achieve this, there is need for cooperation and understanding between the couple involved. I will try as much as possible to use simple terms so that every one can easily understand this.

The sex of the baby depends mainly on the Father’s contribution.

Lets talk about the sex chromosomes. The various parts of the child’s body including the sexual organs are formed by the union of contributions from husband and wife. Most cells in a man have a pair of sex chromosomes called X and Y. That makes  him a man. Those of a woman, have a pair of X’s- both are X. The parents each contribute one of the pair to their child. The mother must contribute an egg with an X chromosome because she has no Y. The father contributes a sperm with either X or Y. If his X chromosome enters the egg, it will be an XX, a baby girl; if his Y chromosome enters the egg it will be XY, a baby boy. This explains how it is the man’s contribution that decides whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.

sex preselection is very successful in choosing a baby boy  (96% which is 19 out of 20) and nearly as successful in choosing a girl (90% which is 18 out of 20) .This is to say that it is easier to preselect a baby boy than a girl.

The Y chromosome swims faster than the X but dies faster too, while the X is slower but lives longer. For that reason, when the both X and Y chromosome are released, the Y tend to reach the ovum first and fertilizes it. But this is possible if an ovum is released at the moment, if not, the Y chromosome dies off and then the X which stays longer now waits and fertilizes the ovum.  In brief to have a baby boy have intercourse at or very soon after ovulation. To have a baby girl, have it before ovulation.(ovulation means the release of the fertilized ovum or ova).

Then the big question is, when does ovulation occur??

It will be difficult to explain this here, reason being that it is individualized for every woman. But there are some signs that shows a woman when ovulation is near, they range from increased temperature to changes in the cervical mucous ( from pap to egg white or slipperiness). I advice that you attend classes so that you can understand your body signs and be able to know when your ovulation occurs. Husbands should support their wives and help them understand their body signs too. I hope to entertain  questions from you all. Thanks.


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