I decided to try Plantain and Beans

Beans and plantainYou probably don’t know what this is if you have not been to the Eastern part of Nigeria, of which some people in this East don’t even know. I stepped into a restaurant today and decided to try this out. I saved a picture. Now, let me break this food down. even if it looks silly, it is one of the best food one can get for rich protein.

Major Ingredients

  1. Roasted plantain
  2. Boiled beans
  3. Ukpaka, Ugba or Oil Bean
  4. Red oil
  5. condiments


Start with boiling the beans until it browns. Pour it into a sieve and cover.

Roast the plantain. (Charcoal roasting not recommended. Use oven instead.)

Slice the roasted plantain and keep it aside.

Slice onions, grind the pepper and heat oil in a pot a bit.

Add onions, oil bean/Ukpaka, pepper and seasoning into the oil.

Pour the beans and plantain, mix thoroughly with a ladle and salt to taste.

Serve and garnish with green vegetable, preferably Utazi leaf.

If you discovered anything else in the process of preparing this, please let me know in comments



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